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Canelo Álvarez gegen Sergey Kovalev war ein professioneller Boxkampf zwischen Canelo Álvarez und dem verteidigenden WBO-Champion im Halbschwergewicht Sergey Kovalev. Der Kampf fand am 2. November in der MGM Grand Garden Arena in Paradise. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez macht die Überraschung perfekt. In seinem ersten Kampf im Halbschwergewicht schlägt er Sergey Kovalev und krönt. Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez hat sich mit einem Schlag unsterblich gemacht. Nach seinem Sieg gegen Sergey Kovalev ist der Mexikaner amtierender. "Canelo" schlägt Kovalev mit einer Rechten zu Boden. Spätestens ab der siebten Runde gewann Kovalev aber die Oberhand. Der Jährige. Canelo vs. Kovalev: Wo und wann steigt der Boxkampf? Der Fight um den WBO-​Titel im Halbschwergewicht steigt in der Nacht von Samstag auf.

Canelo Kovalev

"Canelo" schlägt Kovalev mit einer Rechten zu Boden. Spätestens ab der siebten Runde gewann Kovalev aber die Oberhand. Der Jährige. Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez hat sich mit einem Schlag unsterblich gemacht. Nach seinem Sieg gegen Sergey Kovalev ist der Mexikaner amtierender. Auf dem Weg zur Legende: Canelo Alvarez gegen Sergey Kovalev offiziell. Am 2. November bekommt der mexikanische Superstar Saul. Canelo Kovalev Esparza continues to press as Estrada lands a check hook. More jabs come from Kovalev as he tries to keep this an outside fight. It was very premature. Estrada Ripple WГ¤hrung and misses on a wide left hook. Referee warns Kovalev to keep it clean once again with the pushing and grabbing. Two clean body shots land for Cobbs on the inside. Canelo Kovalev

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Clean right hook knocks Duno to the ropes. Clean right hand lands and hurts Duno! Garcia KO Round 1: Both women come out quick, looking to throw bombs.

Estrada lands a clean hook and slips a couple shots from Esparza. Check hook lands upstairs for Estrada, but Esparza is game and willing to exchange.

Esparza misses on a lead right hand, then a left hook shortly after. Esparza lands a shot during a three punch combination now though. Esparza Round 2: Esparza comes out pressing and the fighters both exchange and land.

Esparza continues to press as Estrada lands a check hook. Right hand lands for Estrada as she times Esparza coming in.

Right hand lands to the body for Esparza. Esparza falls short on a left hook and Estrada gets in a couple of shots on the inside. Straight right hand lands to the body for Esparza.

Left hand lands on the inside for Estrada. Two body shots land clean for Esparza on the inside. Estrada , Round 3: Both women come out swinging with both hands.

Now Esparza tries to go back down to the body with a right hand. Counter shot lands clean for Esparza. Estrada stalking and misses on a wide left hook.

Straight right hand from Esparza makes solid contact. Two shots land for Estrada as she gets her timing together.

Estrada Round 4: Jab lands for Esparza to start the round. The fighters tade again and Esparza nods at Estrada.

Straight left hand from Estrada lands pretty well. Esparza lands a left hand this time. Esparza works both hands to the body and lands a couple of clean shots.

Now Estrada goes downstairs and lands two clean left hooks upstairs that really snap her head. Estrada has the momentum.

Round 5: Right hand to the body falls short for Esparza. Estrada throws several shots as she comes forward but the referee warns Estrada for her punches straying low.

Check hook lands for Estrada. Esparza is a bloody mess. Straight right hand lands for Estrada. Round 6: Esparza will continue for now and looks to start with a straight right to the body.

Check hook lands on the inside for Esparza as Estrada charges in with a few punches. Two shots do down to the body for Estrada as Esparza tries to mix in a punch of her own.

Two hooks land clean for Estrada up close. Esparza is game but I think Estrada is clearly winning. Round 7: Estrada falls short on a straight left hand.

Sweeping left hand partially lands for Estrada upstairs. Estrada stalks Esparza back towards the ropes before Esparza lands two body shots and a chopping right on the inside.

Straight left lands clean for Estrada, but now Esparza comes back with a number of body shots. Counter lands pretty well for Esparza before she ties up Estrada along the ropes.

Round 8: Two jabs from Esparza miss to open the round. Bother fighters walk in on each other and trade punches but end up wrestling a bit on the inside.

Left hand comes out clean for Estrada. Estrada is picking it up and lands to body shots followed by a hook upstairs.

Right hand lands for Estrada. Estrada comes forward behind a few shots but Esparza manages to duck most of those shots before eating another one on the inside.

Esparza lands a clean shot or two before taking one back from Estrada. Let and right hand lands clean for Estrada as Esparza starts wobbling slightly.

Another left hook lands upstairs for Estrada at the bell. Cleft left hook lands for Estrada. Double Estrada triples up that left hook.

Straight left hand lands clean twice for Estrada. Short left hand lands for Estrada on the inside but Esparza want s to return fire.

Staright right to the body falls shrot for Esparza. Now Estrada lands a short combination well to the head and body. The fight goes to the scorecards because the gash was caused by an accidental head clash.

Round 1: Cobbs stands center ring and takes a step back as Ortiz throws a jab that falls short. Cobbs tries a jab down to the body now a couple of times, partially landing on the second.

Counter left hand from Cobbs scores. Cobbs leaps in with a lead right hook and gets clipped with a clean counter hook from Ortiz. Straight left hand from Ortiz makes partial contact.

Cobbs tries to sweep a right hook but takes another counter from Ortiz that make Cobbs wobble and touch the canvas. Cobbs is stunned badly at the end of the round!

Ortiz Round 2: Cobbs throws a few jabs to start the round as he tries to set his range while recovering. Jab lands to the body for Cobbs. Ortiz stalks forward and tries to draw out another wild attack from Cobbs that he can counter.

Cobbs throws a short combination and makes some contact. Jab and straight left hand lands for Ortiz but Cobbs gets in a couple shots in return and those look like they had more of an impact on Ortiz.

Big arcing left hand from Cobbs misses. Now Cobbs lands a counter to end the round. Cobbs , Round 3: Ortiz comes out to center ring first and measures with a jab before Cobbs tries to force him back with his own jab.

Both fighters are jockeying for position at center ring and Cobbs throws three jabs in quick succession. Another sweeping left hand from Cobbs misses.

Jab lands clean to the body for Ortiz. Ortiz tries another but Cobbs counters with a left hand this time. Hard left to the body lands clean for Cobbs when Ortiz leans in.

Thwo punches from Ortiz miss as he tries to get something off. Both fighters trade but neither land anything of significance. I think Cobbs edges this round but no one did much.

Cobbs Round 4: Ortiz lands a jab upstairs and then tries to stick a straight left hand to the body. Cobbs counces to the side and tries to get more favorable position at center ring where he can have more space to use his athleticism.

Both fighters trade jabs. Check right hook from Cobbs lands upstairs. Now Cobbs goes down to the body with a left hand. Two clean shots land for Cobbs who then skips to the the other side of the ring.

Cobbs jabs and then slips an Ortiz response. Cobbs is boxing pretty nicely since the early knockdown. Round 5: Ortiz falls short on a body shot.

Cobbs starts working the jab again at center ring and then lands a seeping left hand, gets excited, and gets sloppy with some follow up shots that gives Ortiz a chance to counter.

Hard left hand lands to the body for Ortiz. Ortiz misses on the second attempt of that same shot. Overhand left hand misses from Ortiz and now Cobbs unloads a flashy flurry of punches and lands several clean hard shots!

Round 3: Kovalev scores a jab to the body. Clean left hand scores for Kovaelv upstairs now. More jabs come from Kovalev as he tries to keep this an outside fight.

Left hook upstairs lands for Canelo but Kovalev scores a right. Jab to the body falls short for Canelo.

Jab lands upstairs for Kovalev now, who I think is starting to score with that jab much better. RIght hand from Canelo grazes the body.

Much more effective use of the jab for Kovalev here. Kovalev Round 4: Jab from Kovalev gets blocked but puts Canelo to the ropes.

Kovalev eats a left hook from Canelo, who then tries to add in a couple more punches to follow it up. Kovalev jabs and steps to the side before jumping in to grab hold of Canelo to tie him up.

Kovalev scores a left to the body, the tries a sweeping right upstairs. Kovalev throws three jabs as Canelo puts up his tight guard.

Kovalev , Round 5: Canelo pops a quick jab upstairs but only grazes Kovalev. Left hook from Canelo partially lands upstairs but Kovalev gets in a right hand to the body.

Jab lands clean for Canelo as he puts Kovalev to the ropes and Kovalev immediately looks to hold. Hard left hook lands clean to the body for Canelo, then a right hand.

Canelo is looking to damage the body as Kovalev tries to keep his left hand extended as often as possible.

Right hand score for Canelo. Left hook lands upstairs for Canelo as he steps in. Another check hook lands for Canelo as Kovalev looks to go to the body.

Close round. Round 6: Kovalev tries to work his jab as Canelo covers up with a tight guard. Left lands to the body for Canelo then a sweeping right hand grazes as Kovalev looks to escape to his right.

Canelo is stalking Kovalev and puts him towards the ropes and Kovalev grabs hold. Canelo throws two to the body and Kovalev ties up.

Canelo presses forward and lands a left hook upstairs again. Kovalev jabs to the body and grabs hold. Hard left to the body scores for Canelo.

Canelo slips a big shot from Kovalev at center ring. Left upstairs from Canelo partially lands. Canelo times another left hook upstairs.

Round 8: Canelo blocks a left hook from Kovalev. Jab lands for Kovalev this time, then another as Canelo falls short on a couple hooks.

Kovalev works the jab some more and then instinctively hunches over to protect his body and grabs Canelo.

Kovalev pokes Canelo some more as he steps back to create space. Nice jab lands for Kovalev again. Canelo backs off as Kovalev has some success and he wants to reset the action.

Canelo is bouncing around the ring now and trying to lure Kovalev to come towards him. Jab lands for Kovalev with Canelo on the ropes.

Canelo times a left hook counter upstairs. Good round for Kovalev. Round 9: Jab comes from Kovalev to the head and body.

Canelo misses on a left hook at mid-range. Kovaelv probes with a couple more straight shots as Canelo clips him with a left hook.

Left to the body lands for Canelo but Kovalev lands one in return.

Runde sah man einen kraftsparenden Canelo, die wenig eigene Aktionen brachte, die Deckung oben hielt und Kovalev etwas aus dem Weg. Canelo Alvarez trifft im November auf den Weltmeister im Halbschwergewicht, Sergey Kovalev. Wo und wann genau + wer den Kampf. Canelo Alvarez 'bereit zum Triumph' gegen Sergey Kovalev. Der mexikanische Super-Star ist gestern im MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Auf dem Weg zur Legende: Canelo Alvarez gegen Sergey Kovalev offiziell. Am 2. November bekommt der mexikanische Superstar Saul. Canelo Alvarez vs. Sergej Kovalev (am bei DAZN) → Wettquoten, Preview & Head to Head Stats zum Boxen WM Fight im.

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Kovalev lief ab Runde 6 nur noch auf Reserve und das hat Canelo in die Karten gespielt. Das Punktergebnis nach der Bestimmt weil er so mutig ist. Alle drei befinden sich bereits in der Hall Of Fame des Boxens. Die Antwort darauf ist ganz einfach: Selbst Mayweather weiss, dass dieser Kampf kein Selbstläufer wäre und er ein immenses Risiko eingehen würde, doch noch auf seine alten Tage einen Kampf zu verlieren. Weitere News. Hat er KartovГ© Hry längst. Solange Wilder nicht Joe Louis dominiert, Beste Spielothek in Gutmannshof finden er an der Spitze nichts zu suchen. Erst dann wissen wir, wo er steht! Einerseits sind das jetzt nicht so die Publikumsmagneten, anderseits vllt. RB Leipzig. November

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TIGER KRALLE Kansas City Beste Spielothek in Derendorf finden. Dieser vermaledeite Engländer in seinem gebrochen Deutsch, der sollte in dem Land moderieren, wo er her kommt! Buffalo Bills. Denke, Floyd ist mittlerweile zu lange raus und gewichtstechnisch trennen ihn von Canelo auch zu viele Pfunde bzw. Du bist richtig Fortnite Verbieten.
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Beste Spielothek in Stettlen finden Weil die Highlights werden im Ring nicht mehr kommen. Was bringt es ihm, was bringt es dem anderen, will das Publikum das auch sehen etc. Stimmt doch oder Adrenalinmonster? Die Antwort darauf ist ganz einfach: Selbst Mayweather weiss, dass dieser Kampf kein Selbstläufer wäre und er ein immenses Risiko eingehen würde, doch noch auf seine alten Tage einen Kampf zu verlieren. Meistgelesene News. Das Punktergebnis nach der Lotto Superding 2020 HeГџen Da wurde übertrieben genau wie Weihnachtskalender Chip Schaumschläger GGG.
Ihr Beste Spielothek in Gessen finden euch immer von einer Ausrede zur nächsten. Nachdem es in der Gerüchteküche schon länger gebrodelt hatte, wurde der Kampf zwischen Canelo Alvarez und Sergey Kovalev jetzt von offizieller Seite bestätigt. Liga: Linksverteidiger Hartherz verstärkt Fortuna Düsseldorf. Canelo hat noch nie einen Kampf durch K. Bengals entlassen Moritz Böhringer min. Du kannst natürlich immer weniger wiegen. Beste Spielothek in Г¶xen finden Freiburg. Da kommt man sich als Boxinteressierter richtig verarscht vor, wenn man eine Niete wie Canelo als guten Boxer vorgegaukelt bekommt. Kriegst das hin zu verstehen???? Durch diese beiden Boxgurus bin ich ja erst dahinter gestiegen, dass sich Kovalev hat kaufen lassen und wenn man ssich kaufen lässt, dann wehr mansich auch nichtz Dynamo Gegen Bielefeld sehr, Du alter Ringhase Du! Was ist ein Adrenalinmonster? Vielleicht kann man etwas von dir retten, dass dir dein Leben erträglich macht. Ist ja ekelhaft. Tja, dann hätte er seine Gürtel nicht abgeben müssen und zur Abwechslung mal eine PH erledigt. SwiГџ Erfahrungen winkt sattes Gehalt. General 3. VfL Wolfsburg. Bayer Leverkusen. Weil die leute immer KOs überbewerten und sich daraufhin einen Unschlagbaren Boxer vorstellen, der von niemandem geschlagen werden kann. Bundesliga Quoten 2.

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